Saturday, 1 February 2020

New beginnings ....

First of all I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2020.
That all your wishes may come true in this fresh new year!

Ours has set off with a wonderful start, 
because our little shop is featured in the first edition of 
the Dutch magazine 'Brocante Special' 
by the makers of Ariadne at Home 
(another well known magazine in the Netherlands)

I felt so very honoured and the response have been overwhelming 💗

When I share this post January is already over.
Makes you realise even more to enjoy every day to the max.

 Last year I was forced to take a step down due to the condition of my eyes.
After my last visit at the eye doctor this past month,
I had to make the decision to quit my part time
job at the hospital.
Although my sight has improved, the remaining side effects will
 keep me from an eight hours day filled with computer work.

But when one door closes another one opens ...
It will give me time to give our Webshop my full attention
and there are still plans to create a Holiday Let in our annexe.

Last year I had some second thoughts about the whole idea because of my sight,
but now feeling confident enough.
The renovation has therefore been delayed, but there is no rush.
Except for those lovely followers on here and Instagram
who asked if it was already finished because they already fancied a stay 😊

Apart of the stress of having to quit my job, January was a good month.
I did a bit of pottering in the garden, and now in love with my kitchen view ...

You can find the Wooden Trug here

Still have to clean my little Greenhouse to make it look like this again ...

We already made a good intention come true (making more time for friends)
 by having a dinner party ...

You can find the Bottle Light here

Not to mention the Big Garden Birdwatch 2020

You can find the Bird Silhouette Robin here

Although we still have some Winter left I'm already in a Spring mood ...

You can the Photo Frame Evi here 

You can find the Jane Hogben Jug here

You can find the Glass Vase Daisy here

You can find the Circular Woven Basket here and the Embroidered Tea Towel here

And already some new (Easter) stock in our shop ...

You can find the Hanger Rabbit here 

Which means items in our Sale like this Miniature Greenhouse ...

But also cosying up indoors with this handy portable light ...

You can find the Portable Wooden Led Book Lamp here

"While it's February, one can
taste the full joys of anticipation.
Spring stands at the gate with
her finger on the latch"

                         Patience Strong

You can find the Jane Hogben Espresso Mug Snowdrop here

Hope to 'speak' you soon again.
Happy new month, happy February!