Wednesday, 4 December 2019

First of all my apologies for neglecting my blog for such a long time.
 In the meantime I've had the necessary eye surgery, 
with -besides some side effects which will hopefully be temporary- good results.
 Although I'm still in the middle of my recovery,  
I really felt the need to put a small post on here before another year is over.

The last few months I mainly spent at home and in my garden.
This past period has taught me even more how important my home is
 and how it contributes to my well being.
It has been a safe haven and embraced me when I couldn't go out that much.

Due to my eye problems, our plans (and renovations) for a holiday let in our annexe were postponed, 
but hopefully will be continued next year. 

Instead my husband full filled a longstanding wish of mine, restoring the -en suite- doors in our living room.
But also built an alcove around the new stove in our kitchen.  

Our living room as it was before ...

and how it is now ...

You can find the Butterfly Print here

With the separation we're now having a cosy snug and a kitchen diner ...

I'm so very happy with the end result and so very proud of my husband.
I was used to have a dad who could make and repair almost everything. 
This must have put a strain on my husband 😜 but not any more! 
I'm sure my dad would have approved 💓

I guess it doesn't need much explanation why I couldn't wait to
 put those fairy lights up there ...

You can find the Fairy lights, Angel and Tea Towel Robin here 

And from there, much more was creeping in ...

You can find the Christmas Car and Christmas Guest Towel here

And also in my 'new' kitchen diner ...

You can find the Angel here

You can find the Hanging Photo Frame here

and in my living room aka snug ...

You can find the Candle Holder here

You can find the Christmas Bauble Reindeer here

You can find the Glass Dome Display here

You can find the Christmas Bell Reindeer here

You can find the Paper Winter Scene here

You can find the Wooden Trug here

I also did some test baking for my Christmas Cake.

Because my sister-in-law recently developed a lactose intolerance, 
I had to try a new version of the Frangipane Cake with Pears I baked before,
 but now with a lactose free crust. 

Here's the recipe: 



  • 150 gram almond flour
  • 150 gram powdered sugar
  • 120 gram lactose-free baking butter at room temperature
  • 100 gram apricot jam 
  • 50 gram flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 pears (conference)


  • 260 gram LU Bastogne Cookies
  • 90 gram lactose-free baking butter

You will need a metal cake/quiche base with
with a loose bottom (28cm)

Mix the almond flour, eggs, powdered sugar and the flour.
Leave the batter (the frangipane) rest for at least 3 hours in a cool place.

Start crumbling the cookies by putting them in a plastic bag and
using a rolling pin or other tool. But maybe even better, use a food processor.

Put them in a bowl and mix them with the melted butter.
When both have been mixed, put them aside for a moment.

Grease the edge of the quiche base and use baking paper for the bottom.
Divide the cookie crumbs on the bottom and edge of the base,
using a wet spoon to press the crumble a little.
Put it in the fridge for an hour before continuing the cake.

Divide the apricot jam on the crumble base and then add the frangipane.

Peel and cut the pears in halve. Remove the core and cut the pears in slices
with leaving the top together.

Divide the pears over the frangipane and bake the cake
in about 35 minutes in a preheated oven at 160 degrees.

Doesn't she (Bambino) look fab as a showstopper on my Christmas cake!

To end this year with a positive note, I decided to have a
little giveaway on my Instagram account
where you can have a chance to win Bambino.
So hop over here and have a go!
If you don't want to take any chances of having this beauty also on
your Christmas Cake, you can also find her here on our website.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!