Monday, 20 January 2014

Downton Abbey look 2014 ....

For those who follow me on my Facebook page and Instagram  already know that I'm a big fan of the series Downton Abbey.
Not only because it's featured in my beloved country England but also my fascination for the clothes worn in the series.
For that matter I really think I'm born to late because I love the fashion from that time so very much!

This last Christmas I received a lovely present (after some hints) from my sons which is very close to the "Downton Abbey look" for me.
This is the gift what did start my search for more "downton clothing" ....

This blouse from Zara with a white collar with tiny pearls

There are several characteristics of the clothes from that time as lace and shimmery fabrics. Outfits with embellishment, embroidery and dresses with exquisite beaded necklines ....

Zara appears to have many similarities in their new collection with fashion related at that time, but then translated into fashion nowadays.
Just look at these dresses and blouses with lace and translucent details....

from left to right: blouse with cut work yoke , lace dress ,
t-shirt with lace detail , polka dot sheer blouse ,
combined embroidered top ,
combined lace top ,studio silk dress ,  studio lattice top .

But I also love the skirts with their high waistline, the special details and line of the collars. The comfortable cardigans and the occasional glitter here and there ....

Also this can be found at Zara with a link to the present, such as trousers with a high waistline ....

from left to right: sequined t-shirt , studio double buckle trousers ,
 v-neck blouse , mermaid skirt , top with beaded neck ,
long wraparound cardigan , two-tone jacquard jacket ,
jacquard trousers with buckle , top with faux leather cuffs .

And last but not least, all those lovely accessories such as the hairbands, pearls, hats, purses, gloves and shoes ....

What made my search very easy is that vintage is a hot item in fashion these days so it wasn't hard to find similar items in the current collection ....

From left to right: straw hat H&M , black shoes Zalando ,
 beaded necklace H&M ,gloves Zalando ,  jewel belt Zara ,
pattern crochet headband ,vintage Edwardian crocheted purse ,
 white shoes Zalando , beige shoes Zalando , hairband H&M ,
  bracelets H&M , necklace Zara , grey shoes Zalando , wool hat H&M .

I've gained enough inspiration for the new season so I would say.... roll on Spring!

Thanks for joining me and have a lovely week!
Anita xo

Monday, 6 January 2014

How to start a new year....

First of all I want to wish you a very happy New Year, hope it brings all you wished for!

For myself, I'd be happy with something similar as last year, because I can look back on a good year.
Not even talking about the wonderful summer we've had last year, I also wouldn't mind doing that all over again.
That's one of the reasons I can't wait for Spring, when the sun regains his strength and nature awakens.
Maybe that's the reason why, as soon as the Christmas tree is out the door, I want to surround myself with bulbs.
So the first thing I did , after cleaning up the decorations on new years day, was strait off to the garden centre!
Besides some new indoor plants I came home with beautiful fragrant daffodils and hyacinths.

I love how the sunlight comes in and light up the house although it's still cold outside, as here in the bay window....

One of my good intentions could (or rather should) have been to slow down a little and not always be in a hurry.
Because in my haste I often drop something in pieces. But on the other hand it offers new fun useful things, though I'm convinced my husband thinks otherwise.
In any case, the teapot of which the lid was broken while I dropped it got a beautiful new destination.
And it all has to do with this lovely daffodil ....

Tadah ....

If only you could smell the scent ....

I couldn't wish for a better start of a new year, hope you've had too!
Have a good year .... have a good week!

Anita xo