Thursday, 8 March 2018

Winds of Spring ....

How did that happen, all of a sudden it feels like Spring.

I feel bad about neglecting this space for such a long time. 
It was a very long and busy Winter, with at the end exceptionally cold temperatures, several storms 
and even some snow.

It has been hard times for the birds in my garden. 
So the last days I've been very busy topping up feeders, 
putting out fresh water and providing shelter.
Luckily they still kept visiting my garden under these hard conditions.

While the blue tit is a regular visitor, this thrush certainly isn't. 
The cold weather must have made him expand his territory. 

And of course my little friend who never seems to fail my expectations of its presence.

I'm so very happy my Hellebore's survived the frost.
Still have to wait and see if my Wisteria and the buds of my Camellia also did,
though I covered them against the cold.

With the freezing temperatures we had, I'm so happy to have the possibility to light a fire. 
One of the features in this house that made me fall in love with it instantly.

Nothing so cosy as doing some stitching by the fire.
I've subscribed to The Stitchery, an initiative of the lovely Nicki.
Although I just started my January Kit, it's already so much fun.
Each month you will receive an exclusive embroidery pattern with full instructions,
the base linen on which to stitch and all of the threads required to complete the work.
There will be suggestions for beginner stitches, depending on your ability and personal taste. 

No lack of plans on this side because I also just registered for the free on line course
''how to grow my own flower cutting patch" given by the inspiring Emma of A bunch of Wild
I can't wait to get started in my little greenhouse again.
A rare photo of yours truly in front of my little sanctuary, which was taken as a product photo of the
 Linen Crossover Apron you can find on our website.

Also busy times updating the website with the following new (spring) items ....

Embroidered Tea Towel

Jane Hogben Mug Leaping Hare

Paper Rabbit

Doll Hare

Wooden Window Box

Porcelain Plate Ivy

Bird Silhouette Robin

Botanic Print Fern

With the sun out again and higher temperatures,
I felt like making something Spring to hang on my front door.
I used the Wooden Star, made from branches from the tree in my garden, as base.
With all other props, you can see in the next photo, I just had a go.

And this is the end result ....

I'm so very happy having a 'chat' with you here again, do hope you liked it too.

Have a lovely weekend all!

~ xo ~