Saturday, 29 September 2018

Autumn styling ....

Despite the feeling Summer had a revival this
past week, Autumn has really made its appearance.
For me the more reason to cosy up my home,
especially my 'new corner' in our living room.

Now all our boys have flown the nest, a very large
dining table wasn't necessary any more. 
At least not all the time, so my husband made me a new one, 
keeping the large tabletop standby when they are all at home.

I do love to make something new from an old piece of furniture.
We already established that the top of our garden table had its
best time, but the iron frame was still good enough as a base for a
new smaller dining table.

We bought some scaffolding wooden boards and
my husband made a new tabletop out of them.
He did exactly the same with the frame of our
garden bench.
With the two new dining chairs we also bought, all this
gives our dining area a whole new atmosphere. 

I'm so very happy with the end result.
Although I have a lovely working space upstairs, this new corner
and my birthday present (a very fast laptop) makes that I hardly use it nowadays.
This is now my favourite (working)spot!

The mirror behind the table is something I never get tired of but I've
added hooks on it, to make room for some (autumnal) displays.
At this point throwing all my good intentions to declutter overboard,
but I just can't help myself.

You can find the Hanging Basket here on our website

I made the little Rosehip Wreath myself, you can see below how ...

The French Linen Table Runner is also available (in two different sizes) at our Shop which you can find here

These are not the only new items on our website, here are the other ones ....

I love this Mini Butler Tray , not only to display Autumn at its best, but also a handy accessory in the kitchen 

Another lovely item for your kitchen is this Wire Iron Egg Basket

And when the nights are drawing in, this Knee-table to have a hot chocolate
 or meal in front of the TV.

In the meantime I enjoy everything the garden still has to offer

You can find the Bellied Jug and Country Diary on our Website

And in anticipation for the real life friends of this one
to make a regular appearance

You can find the Wallsticker Robin here

I also added some items to our Sale
in order to make room for the 'C' word 🙊 

But let's enjoy Autumn first, have a lovely weekend!


Saturday, 15 September 2018

Celebrating Summer in the best company ...

Just can't believe it's only a week ago we returned from our family holiday in the Provence.
Despite all our good intentions to slow down after our return, this past week was a busy one.
Unfortunately some things can't be ignored (read the daytime job 😉) 
But also busy with the pleasant ones, like our frequent visits to my dear mother-in-law
 and of course the Webshop 😊
Even during our break you've been so very generous with your orders, 
can't thank you enough for your constant support for our small business!

Blogging about our holiday sure is a way to remember and document the lovely time we've had.
You must agree with me that we were so very lucky with the luxurious accommodation we stayed in,

Two whole weeks of enjoying blue skies and Oleander

And clearly not the only one, because it was a coming and going of butterflies and bumblebees.

Being in the Provence, visiting a market is a real must (at least to me it is 😜)
So we went to the market in the lovely town Cotignac

In my opinion, you only find market stalls like this in France

For me another typical french thing is the taste of their melons.
 At least, I never have tasted them better than in France.

Before we left I found a very easy recipe for a salad including melon.
Here it is;

You will need:

- one package Serrano ham
- one ball mozzarella         
        - one bag of rocket salad           
        - a half ripe (cantaloupe) melon
- olive oil                           
- balsamic vinegar             
 - pepper and salt                 

Spread the rocket salad on a large bowl.
Then divide the mozzarella together with the Serrano ham 
into small pieces over the salad.
Drizzle the salad lightly with olive oil and balsamic 
vinegar (and some salt &pepper)
Bon Appetit!

After a stroll in town and having crepes on a lovely terrace accompanied by live music,
we continued our way to the village Tourtour
On our way me made two unexpected stops.
First one was this wonderful cascade near the village Sillans-la-Cascade
we encountered along our way.

We also passed the town Aups where we camped many years ago when
 our boys were still young, so we just had to stop and have a little walk.

Love this display as an entrance.

After lovely Aups we finally reached our destination Tourtour , with this wonderful view!

Such a privilege to have again two of our sons joining us during this holiday.  

Not only a fabulous view but also a very picturesque village

I finally had time to catch up with my embroidery 
Accompanied with a cuppa made by the husband who was 'in charge'
 for our daily one on this holiday.

Another outing on our list was going to Lac Sainte-Croix and
 hire a pedal boat to explore the Gorges du Verdon

Nature at its best

Afterwards we ended up in the lovely village Moustiers-Sainte-Marie 

Just can't beat facades like this (📷 my sister-in-law).

And again stunning views

After a day of rest we went to the village Cannet des Maurus to go to the 
Brocante Market I already visited a year ago. 
And also this time it was worth the visit, because I found these lovely Tureens
 you can find in our shop on here 

After that we continued our way to Aix en Provence 
A city that never disappoints, despite the fact that all the roads around the centre looked 
more like a building site, due to the construction of a new electric bus.

The villa were we stayed was surrounded by vineyards

Here is one of the stunning views driving to our villa at dusk

Still making (holiday) memories with two of our boys is such a blessing, 
the second town we explored this year was Marseille

Where we climbed a lot of stairs to reach the Notre-Dame de la Garde 

The stunning interior of the upper Church

On one of our last days we went to the town Vidauban
In love with the shutters, balcony ... well actually everything in this photo. 

Our main reason going there was to eat a real french delicatessen, Profiteroles!

I've so enjoyed spending time with this lovely lot and having serious
 intentions to go for a repeat next year. 

This home coming sure made up for missing blue skies and oleander every day, my Cafe au Lait 😍 

At the moment we're having a little Sale on our Website to make room for our new Autumn stock, 
which I'll share with you next time. 

Until then, have a peaceful Sunday all!