Wednesday, 2 October 2013

DIY.... fruit salad for the birds

The main reason for my visit to the garden centre last week was to buy a birthday present for my sister and some white pansies. While walking through the centre I just couldn't resist all the colourful fruit and pumpkins that are offered this time of the year.
Not really sure what to do with it I also bought two flowerpots, moss, some small apples and checker berry. In my bicycle basket it already looked like a cheerful fruity party ....

With only some more sphagnum, floral foam and cocktail sticks the fruit gradually got its destination ....

I first covered the iron bowl with moss ....

Then filled it with floral foam ( on the picture shown later in this post it has just one layer )
When you add another layer it will be slightly higher ....

Then cover it all with moss ....

By using a cocktail stick you can add the fruit. For the pumpkins I used a cordless drill to make a small hole before adding it with a cocktail stick ....

And voila, the birds can have their party ....

For the moment it's still on my dining table as it is a lovely Autumnal display ....

The birthday present came naturally and with still some fruit left I also made a welcome gift for my niece's her new (first) home ....

Enjoy Autumn,

Anita xo


  1. Anita, they're gorgeous!
    I knew you were creative but not to that extent !
    I love seeing ideas like this, it gives me such a boost of happiness and energy that for the rest of the day I just want to CREATE !
    Have a wonderful bird watching day.
    Joasia xxx

    1. Thanks Joasia !
      I've got the feeling that there are exciting times ahead for you. I already had plans to visit your lovely country in Spring next year and I think the destination will also include the Cotswolds, somewhere at the begin of May maybe....? It would be so nice to finally meet you in person ! Anita xo

  2. That looks so pretty, very inspiring x

  3. Anita, what wonderful displays you have made, so seasonal and cheerful, I love them!
    Many thanks for your sweet words. I think your favourites are mine too. Have a lovely weekend. Love Linda x

    1. Hi Linda,

      Glad you liked it because you're the real pro on this ! Anita xx

  4. gorgeous arrangement & wonderful idea to share it with the birdies once you are finished with it indoors. love your blog header photo ♥

    1. Hi Deb,

      Thanks for your lovely comment. I just paid a visit to your blog and I just love the beauty of it! Anita xx

  5. Wow this is such a clever idea and bit looks gorgeous!!! Xo

    1. Hi Hannapat,

      Nice to hear you like it, luckily also the birds because they seem to find it very tasty ! Anita xo

  6. Hi Anita Pinterest send me one of your pins in fashion as related pins to me and I went and looked at your board and I loved all of your pins it's a little strange because there was no one before who I love ALL of her pins and I came hear to visit your blog and it's a beauty too

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment, it sure means a lot to me. Anita xo