Friday, 3 April 2015

Almost Easter ....

As much as I like to drop a line here at least once a month, somehow I didn't fulfill this time.
March has been such a full month filled with Birthdays, therefore a lot of baking and of course happy celebrations. While at the same time coping with a nasty virus and not feeling well at all. Just recovered from the first one the next virus came along. But a consolation was not being the only one because it seemed like everybody around me (family, friends, colleagues and even on Instagram) has suffered some virus.

I just can't tell you how much I look forward to Spring and not long now .... Easter break!
To spend time with my family, maybe a bit of gardening and give the, so it seems, only produce of this past March a spot in my garden.
Something I wanted to do for a long time I've finally put into practise. This past month I started sowing seeds and I dare say, as it looks right now, with pretty good result.

Last week we picked up a small greenhouse for the garden and I would really like to move my "baby's" from the windowsill into the greenhouse.
So now I'm just wishing for lovely weather at Easter and picture our self in the garden, hubby building the greenhouse and some gardening for me.

Not forget to mention the thing what will make that picture complete is of course all our boys (and daughter in law) at home at the same time.
And as you know me by now, that's enough reason to start baking again.

One of the great pleasures of Pinterest is you never are in need for inspiration. So after a little browse on my Cake Board you can see here I decided how to decorate my Easter cake this year!

If you also might like to try you need the following ingredients:

-  185 gr. dairy butter
-  170 gr. white caster sugar
-  140 gr. self raising flour
-  100 gr. wheat flour
-    75 gr. cocoa
-    15 gr. baking powder
-      2 eggs (beaten)
-      1,25 dl milk
-       1 L whipped cream  
-       1 package Dr.Oetker gel food colour


Preheat the oven on 180 degrees. Grease a round tin of 24cm diameter with oil and cover the bottom with baking paper.
Whisk with a mixer the butter and sugar light and creamy. Add the beaten eggs in bits; whisk well after each bit.
Mix the sifted flours, cocoa and milk into the butter mixture.
Stir the butter smooth, spoon into the tin and smooth the top.
Bake the cake in about an hour.

It's such an easy recipe that never fails, at least not in my household ....

For the filling and topping I chose whipped cream, coloured yellow by Dr.Oetker gel food colour 
Before I sprinkled the middle with, I think the genuine dutch delicacy, Easter sprinkles I covered the cake with a thin layer whipped cream.To decorate the yellow cream on the edge I used Easter chocolate.
The bunting is made from paper napkins.

Hopefully I can show you my new greenhouse in my next post .... have a lovely Easter!