Friday, 18 November 2016

A new venture inspired by Nature ....

I know ... I've abandoned this place way too long, but all for a good reason.
It's not that I haven't took any photos, but not the kind I usually share over here.

The last couple of weeks my living room was turned up side down while being used as a 'photo studio'.
All because of the fact that Mr. Reed Warbler and me are starting a new (ad)venture together.

Our love for both Nature and Interior has taken shape in our own Webshop and so very pleased I can finally share it with you ....

As long as we're a couple, I'm the one with the creative ideas and so fortunate with my husband who brings them into reality.
Therefore there will be, alongside New and Vintage items, also our own The Reed Warbler collection.

Most of these items created by my husband like for instance this Bench for the little ones ....

 And some bespoke knitting from my hand, such as this personalised little Dress ....

But most of our products we've sourced with the thought of bringing Nature indoors under our - for instance - category Botanical ....

Picture Frame 

Vintage Books

Botanical School Chart

Although I knew it would be a lot of work 'building' a shop on line, it still took more time than I had expected.
But is was so worth it, because I'm so very happy with the end result.

There's one person in special to thank for, because without him there wouldn't be a shop at all, and that is our youngest son.
Not only he's responsible for the design and everything that comes with it, but also his enthusiasm and confidence has kept me going when doubting sometimes.
All this makes this new venture even more special and counting my blessings even more.

We still have quite a few new products to be added over the next months, so I hope you will stay tuned as we will be adding more stock along the way.

As we're already halfway November it's all about cosy up at home and preparing for Christmas.
So very chuffed with one of our seasonal items, our own produced Hanging Christmas (Advent) Tree ....

  Which is - when all numbered paper bags are opened - also a lovely Christmas display ....

If you want to have a browse .... there's more to find here

Have a lovely weekend!

~ xo ~