Friday, 14 February 2014

Masterclass Meet the Blogger ....

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Masterclass Photography & Styling of Meet the Blogger .
The styling part was given by AnoukB interiors and the photography by Beeldsteil Photography and Styling .
The reason for me to join was mainly the photography part , hoping to learn a lot as being a true amateur.

It was a gathering of thirty-nine women and one man with different backgrounds and point of interest. Such as (professional) stylists, (experienced) bloggers and people who want to learn to improve their website ( at home I discovered that the only male participant was a product designer at Brabantia , one of the sponsors of the event)

I think perhaps that was the reason why I didn't felt any bond with the other attendees or maybe also by the set up of the day, because there wasn't any moment to introduce yourself to each other or to get really acquainted during the day.
Anyway, the warmth and connectedness that I have experienced through my blog in the past year from fellow bloggers wasn't really there.

The first part of the day was a short lecture about styling by AnoukB, in which she told how she had started her own business.
Subsequently the intention was to create a mood board with props provided by loods5 , the location where the masterclass was held ....

It turned out that not only we had to translate the style of AnoukB to our own identity but also adding a personal item. Unfortunately this was not mentioned in the email we received prior to this.
So I had to improvise with what I had with me that day.
That turned out to be ~ NOT A LOT ~ because I left most of my personal belongings that I usually carry with me at home :-(

There was also a competitive element attached because we would be judged on styling and photography on our own picture we could sent the next day.
I decided at the spot I wouldn't engage in the competitive element, if only because of the bad light and I guess therefore the professional light some people had brought with them.

My feeling that day.... having another perspective than the rest of the attendees , was "confirmed" the next day when I came across this picture (taken by Loods5) on twitter....

Translated in English: Today we watched from a different angle to our 'own production' 05 by Loods5!
So this was my (at that time not yet finished) mood board with the "personal touch" of the leather lace that I often wear as a necklace and my basket.
This really did surprise me, to encounter myself on twitter and the fact they saw "something" in it because I didn't !

The second part, the presentation of Wendy van Woudenberg from Beeldsteil was very interesting and gave me the feeling that this day still brought me something good. A clear story and lots of useful tips!

Afterwards I went home with a nice goodie bag. The content shown in yet another (this time photographed in daylight!) mood board ....

The notebook is already in use, the perfume your bin starter set  has already found its way under the bin cover and all about another perspective, this happened to the Japanese cups ....

It was an experience I didn't want to miss.... if only because I appreciate the love over here (as well as on my FB page) even more.
                                    So from me to you ....

                                    .... and have a lovely weekend.

Anita xo