Friday, 20 September 2013

Fashion in the category warm and comfy..

I see myself as a pretty loyal person. And not just - the most important - to people but (please don't laugh) also concerning my clothes.
When I find something really nice and comfortable I wear it until it's completely worn. This also happened to one of my most favourite winter coats last year .The one who is always hanging on the peg and almost suits every garment.
I think you can easily recall the long winter we had last year so you'll understand that I had to buy a new one. Not an easy task at the end of the season and then also having something in mind that doesn't exist ....

I ended up with a coat that wasn't really me and I also made the mistake to buy one without pockets which I thought I would get used to it .... well I didn't!!

So to have more success this year, I did some "research" and found all this beauty which I like to share with you ....

Manila Grace

Louis Vuitton


Sally Scott

Neil Barrett

Miu Miu




Cabbages & Roses

Max Mara

Stella McCartney

Hennes & Mauritz

Browsing on the Internet has brought me enough inspiration for upcoming fall/winter and not only in coats. I also got inspired to update my current winter clothing with some new purchases to transform into 2013.
And further I found these accessories to complement a winter coat ....

Hennes & Mauritz

Hennes & Mauritz

Hennes & Mauritz



Hennes & Mauritz


    But my main find was surely this coat ....                                                                  



I'm really in love with the structure of the fabric and the colour is so me.
And most of all , look at those pockets ....

Guess I won't be needing my new coat real soon because they predict an Indian summer for the next few days.

So enjoy .... and have a lovely weekend!
Anita xo

Monday, 9 September 2013

A change of season in my home ....

I wonder how's that with you .... but with the change of season I feel a strong need to bring that change actually within my home.
The dawn of Autumn makes me want to give the house a warmer and cosier look .

I love to combine old with new and lately I  find that new very often at Ikea.
So a trip to the store was necessary for the change I had in mind. You should have seen the look on his face when I told my husband the reason for our visit. New cushions..... you've only recently bought new? Yes.... but then it was Spring!!

While Spring made me yearn for light colours, Autumn does just the opposite. So when I saw this beautiful velvety lilac cushion cover I was sold directly.
To emphasise the quiet earth tones further in my home I was looking for a cushion cover to let both colours go well together.
I found just what I was looking for in this brown/multicolour cover where the yarn is raised slightly from the surface, giving the fabric a handcrafted look.

Living in an old house, winters can be very cold and nothings better than to snuggle under a throw.
Unfortunately I can't find the link on the website of Ikea but I also bought this beautiful (and of high quality ) coloured throw just about a week ago and it combines exactly with the cushions.
So for a relatively small amount I have the autumnal atmosphere I had in mind ....

Because I like it as the colour of flowers matches the interior, I suddenly had a very different search than usual at the flower stall on the market , and returned home with a bunch of this beautiful lilac roses ....

I love to make all kinds of small bouquets and this little purple vase is just perfect for that purpose ....

The rattan heart that hangs in my bay window also got an Autumnal "transformation".
Because the central heating is not a good environment for fresh flowers I bought some artificial flowers.
They seem almost real ....

Every time I'm still amazed what a small (colour) change can do to the perception of your home.
Though I think it's already clear .... I'm ready for Autumn.

Wish you all a very good week!
Anita xo