Friday, 12 February 2016

A browse in vintage heaven ....

Where has the time gone. I can clearly remember putting my last post on here wishing you a happy Christmas and New Year, and all of a sudden it's already February.

We've been quite busy moving furniture around, clearing out a lot of unnecessary stuff and making preparations for the construction of a second bathroom. 
You can imagine blogging wasn't high on my list the last few weeks.

Lately I'm regularly approached to host a giveaway or do a review for different brands. Because I want to keep my blog close to my heart, I've never accept such an offer.... until now.
By clearing the house, the attic is almost empty and soon I will be the owner of my own sewing room. 
So when I was invited by Chairish to create a style board around one of their vintage armoires in use for creative storage, it was right up my street.
Not only I'm in love of everything vintage but also could use some inspiration for my -soon to be- sewing room. 

It was my first encounter with this on line marketplace for all lovers of design/vintage furniture and home accessories, and pleasantly surprised with the wide range of styles. 
I would almost think I'm in need for a bigger attic because of all the beautiful items I've seen.
Here's a mood board with my favourites ....

Though my attic is by far not big enough for all these lovely pieces of furniture, I've gained enough inspiration to fill my entire home.
It won't be long now before the bathroom is finished and the transformation of the attic into a sewing room can begin.
I just can't wait to lift sewing to a next level - have a lovely weekend all!