Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy (blog) Birthday to me ....

Not only it's my Birthday today but also my first blog anniversary!
Exactly a year ago this "birthday girl" gave herself a (in the meantime very precious)
present , my own blog !

At first really scary and still finding it a bit exciting every time I push the button to publish a new post.
But all in all it was the best thing I have gave myself in years.

Every time I'm so touched by the heartwarming response here, on my Facebookpage and through Instagram. So very pleased that people take the time to leave a comment.

At the same time it's also a little diary because it documents all kind of events and moments who are dear to me.
I hope you will join me for a little trip 'down memory lane' ....

This is where it all started , my first post  Looking back on the past year ....


An emotional event was surely my middle son who bought his first own home. And even the fact that his flat is "just around the corner" it's still the first child which leaves the nest.
It turned out to be such a fun and happy time, decorating his first home together .
You can read more about it over here  Mood board aka Mother board ....

After my return with my family to my beloved England after so many years it soon became clear that it would not be our last visit.
So my husband and I returned the next year resulting in  A little homesick ....

With a son who left home we got more space in our house and a long-cherished wish came true , still so very pleased with  My own (work) space ....

Last Summer I had a lovely day with my eldest son, the one who takes his mum to the museum.
A post filled with all the beauty we saw in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
A cultural day within the joys of motherhood .... 

And this very lucky mum had the privilege to have had a short family holiday with the presence of all our (grown) boys  Summer holiday ....

It was also a year which I allowed myself a little more time to do the things I most like
DIY .... fruit salad for the birds

And sometimes a bit  Reminiscing ....

But most of all it was about sharing my thoughts and memories with you  A year filled with (most of all sweet) memories .... 

So this year it is again a very nice gift because I never dreamt this a year ago.
Thank you so much for joining me this past year and I hope many returns!

Lots of love,
Anita xo 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

It's all about inspiration ....

Maybe it's because Spring is around the corner but there are so much "new projects" going through my head.
Unfortunately one can do only one thing at the time, at least that's the case for me (especially when you also have a job to go to)

I've got so much inspiration these days and not only there's Pinterest  and  Instagram  
to blame, I've also discovered a lovely program on BBC 2 ....  The Great British Sewing Bee

Many years ago ( it almost feels like in the stone age, because I didn't even had any kids at that time ) I went to sewing classes.
At first I was the laughing stock at work (I went with some colleagues) because Anita and sewing lessons, they all seemed to find it a very rare and funny combination.

To everyone's surprise (me the most) I did it quite well and appeared to be the only one who enjoyed it for a very long time.... making my own clothes.
Over the years it wasn't that fashionable any more and by become a mum of three boys also time became less.

But now finding a lot of ideas on Pinterest, watching the Sewing Bee and following lovely ladies on Instagram makes me want to start sewing again.

For instance this lovely dress from Debbie shown here on her Instagram account Rooms with a view

Or the beautiful garden coat from Lucy also shown here on her Instagram account Love lane (vintage) Lucy

Both dresses made from beautiful (and also my favourite) fabric .... linen!

And last but not least these (cotton) dresses  you can find on the
(not only for the dresses) lovely blog from Hettie Brown      

Because I still haven't been able to find a suitable pattern , this image on Pinterest   
gave me enough inspiration to get my sewing machine and start "sewing"
(on a small scale than) again ....

It seemed like a good idea to start with something simple and because it has been on my wish list for a long time I bought myself this "partner in crime"....

This beautiful lace was a real bargain on the market ....

and would fit perfectly on this sweater I hardly wear these days ....

By adding the lace it turned into a different look, one I will really love to wear again. And all because of a simple image on Pinterest !

Because I'm not particularly thrilled with a "selfie" I found someone else willing to show the end result.

And who would be more appropriate than my new roommate ....

Needless to say what I'm going to watch on the telly tonight .... have a good and inspiring week !

Anita xo