Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Almost packed and ready to go....

Ah decisions, decisions.... how small and insignificant they are, it keeps me busy. As I write this the sun is out here and I see on the Internet it rains in England, so what clothes to bring with you?
And of course there remain two (adult) sons at home who I think , being a real overprotective mum , will starve if I leave no stocked fridge ;-)
So after done endless shopping , completed all my "research" and have packed both my summer and winter wardrobe I think we're almost ready to go.

Hope to meet you here again next week with a lot of pictures of our trip on the other side of the North Sea....

Anita xo


  1. Anita en Erwin een hele fijne vakantie in de wereld van miss Marple. Ik zal voor jullie duimen dat het daar de komende week heel mooi weer wordt. En genieten van de mooie dorpjes en de mooie tuinen. Veel plezier

  2. Dank je Ingrid, en tot nu toe "beloven" ze mooi weer.....xx

  3. We had to put our heating on Anita !!! Hope you have some thermals in your suitcase?!
    You'll have a lovely time regardless so don't dispare, I've heard that the weather will improve in time for your trip.
    Joasia xxx

  4. Anita, have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to hear all about it. Many thanks for your visit, and don't worry, I plan to do a lot of relaxing and day-dreaming in the garden this summer. Much love to you, Linda xx