Friday, 20 September 2013

Fashion in the category warm and comfy..

I see myself as a pretty loyal person. And not just - the most important - to people but (please don't laugh) also concerning my clothes.
When I find something really nice and comfortable I wear it until it's completely worn. This also happened to one of my most favourite winter coats last year .The one who is always hanging on the peg and almost suits every garment.
I think you can easily recall the long winter we had last year so you'll understand that I had to buy a new one. Not an easy task at the end of the season and then also having something in mind that doesn't exist ....

I ended up with a coat that wasn't really me and I also made the mistake to buy one without pockets which I thought I would get used to it .... well I didn't!!

So to have more success this year, I did some "research" and found all this beauty which I like to share with you ....

Manila Grace

Louis Vuitton


Sally Scott

Neil Barrett

Miu Miu




Cabbages & Roses

Max Mara

Stella McCartney

Hennes & Mauritz

Browsing on the Internet has brought me enough inspiration for upcoming fall/winter and not only in coats. I also got inspired to update my current winter clothing with some new purchases to transform into 2013.
And further I found these accessories to complement a winter coat ....

Hennes & Mauritz

Hennes & Mauritz

Hennes & Mauritz



Hennes & Mauritz


    But my main find was surely this coat ....                                                                  



I'm really in love with the structure of the fabric and the colour is so me.
And most of all , look at those pockets ....

Guess I won't be needing my new coat real soon because they predict an Indian summer for the next few days.

So enjoy .... and have a lovely weekend!
Anita xo


  1. Hello Anita, what lovely eye candy. I do especially like the Zara coat you loved. It looks so soft and comfortable. I need to get myself a new winter coat this year, as I have been wearing my black wool coat for rather more years than I care to mention!
    Thanks for your lovely comments. Wishing you a lovely weekend, love Linda x

  2. Hello Anita, thank you for your lovely comments. So pleased I gave you some inspiration. I hope you got the lovely coat you wanted? Much love to you, Linda x