Friday, 25 October 2013

Autumn, the year's last loveliest smile ....

One of the advantages of aging is the ability to see more clearly what's really important in life.
Last weekend the weather was beautiful and at the same time there were still a lot of (household) chores waiting for me.
I had previously given such priority or maybe a bit of everything but these days a decision is easily made.
As the following pictures show we took a lovely walk in the woods .... 

And beheld all the beauty of autumn gives us, such as the many types of mushrooms .... 

And its many colours ....

The contrast between the beautiful colour-changing leaves and moss covered
tree stumps ....

But also the last traces of summer ....

There are still so many bugs because of the mild weather ....

The nice quiet, warm and sunny late summer days ensures that the leaves do fade,
but not yet falling from the trees.
                                                                  ~  Indian summer ~

Nature prepares for winter and there's nothing better than to go out , enjoying all that beauty ....

Wish you a beauty-full weekend,
Anita xo


  1. Your walk is beautiful and my favorite place to be besides the sea. I have been doing the same thing abondoning my house keeping to be out in nature because the weather is so perfect! My dishes are piling up!!!! I just love your blog it is so heartfelt.

    1. Thanks for your ( for me stimulating ) comment. I try to stay close to myself on my blog and that seems to be working.
      This past weekend it has been that kind of weather that you'd better stay in so I've been a "good girl" and done my "chores" ;-) Hope you also had a good weekend! Anita xo

  2. A beautiful place to walk. Love your photos. Xo

    1. Thanks, and yes it really was a beautiful walk and a good thing we went because this weekend there's a lot of rain and storm on his way! Thanks for stopping by, Anita xo

  3. What a gorgeous place to take a walk! I love the woods! xoxo Jen