Saturday, 22 November 2014

A special walk ....

Yesterday I made a very special walk. Not only because of the gorgeous weather and beautiful surroundings but especially who accompanied me.

Almost two years ago it seemed that a long and very close friendship had come to an end.
Just like a long marriage we were grown apart and didn't seem to speak the same language any more.
Unsolved matters on both sides made that we ended up in a time out for more than a year.
Last Spring I realised that the friendship - which brought me so much joy over the years - was too important for me to let go.

So after a cautious approach on my part we're now back in touch again.
After a very long time we spend the day together and made the walk we often did in the past, one with rich memories. After this lovely walk 'with gentle steps' yesterday I'm convinced there certainly will be more.

The first part through the beautiful dunes ....

We approached - very much surprised at having such a bright sunny day - an empty beach all to ourselves ....

With these as our only companions ....

Starring the herring , looking at its mainly brown with darker streaks and dark bill and eyes this must be its first winter ....

Unbelievable what a metamorphosis this bird undergoes because this is how it looks after four years as an adult ....

But our absolute favourite was this gorgeous little one , the sanderling ....

Searching for food between the shells ....

And almost seems as if admiring its own reflection ....

Just love how all these species tolerate each other and making such a nice picture - isn't that where it's all about in life and most of all in friendship , tolerance ....

On our way back through the dunes we had the privilege 'to meet' -though from a great distance- these deer what we did once before many years ago during an emotional time.
Did I ever tell you before I don't believe in coincidence ....

Hope you're having a great weekend!



  1. How lovely that you have been able to work through the differences. Sometimes times and distance can help with the healing process.

    A lovely walk, with some great companions. Have a lovely week x

  2. Beautiful post Anita &such a lovely walking spot ... Just being out amongst nature is a wonderful healer .
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you Deb .... and yes it really is a beautiful spot! Have a lovely weekend too Xx

  3. What a beautiful post...the pictures are it!

    1. Thanks Titti for visiting my blog!
      Have a lovely week, Anita xx

  4. I hope you have enjoyed more lovely walks! SO nice to know that you stopped by for a visit! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. How nice to be friends again and do what you did once before love your pictures and blogs

  6. How nice to be friends again and do what you did once before love your pictures and blogs

  7. How nice it is for you to be friends again and love your blogs and pictures have a nice weekend x