Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter (spring) 'cake' ....

This year I was aiming for something different than the traditional branches to get into the Easter spirit.
If only because of the comments from the men household in which I live. Especially because to them it's more like an obstacle then an addition to the atmosphere (or in other words .... it mainly obstructs their view on the television) 

A while ago I saw this lovely flower (wedding) cake from The Flowerbird on Instagram and it instantly gave me inspiration for an Easter (spring) display ....

Is it only me that when I'm looking for something, it's just not available or ridiculous expensive.
So I decided to make a cheaper version, of what I had in mind as basics, myself.
Therefore I bought this simple candle holder and sink scale in order to glue them to another. 
Together with floral foam (soaked in water) shaped to the size of the scale and moss they form the basis of my spring arrangement. 
Before the real decorating could start I made a hole in the middle and added the Narcissus Bridal Crown which I really love for its fragrance ....

After that I started decorating with these gorgeous roses and spring branches (using a cocktail stick to make a little hole before adding them ) ....

And some Easter decorations with the necessary 'tools' to secure them ....

After gradually adding all of its 'ingredients' this is the end result ....

Though I'm rather pleased with the end result, I braced myself for the expected comment that the men in this house would have preferred an edible cake.
So to keep them happy I prepared something edible too .... 

The narcissus make their expectation more than true, because the living room is filled with a gorgeous springlike scent .... 

Wishing you a happy Easter!



  1. It all turned out so very beautiful Anita!... thank you for sharing how you created it... I love the eggs and feathers, so sweet!... and I know what you mean about the men in the house... they just don't understand our need to decorate!... but I will admit that when I am through decorating, Jack always tells me it looks nice!... and your cupcakes look delish!... Happy Easter to you and your family dear friend!... xoxo... Julie Marie "sweetwildviolets" on instagram xo

  2. I think yours is even prettier than the floral cake you used for inspiration! I made a little nest with eggs similar to yours, making things like this is so enjoyable.

  3. Wat een prachtig stuk heb je gemaakt Anita. Nog veel mooier dan het orrigineel. Ja, gebeurt hier ook hoor, dat ik wat moois zie en dan ga ik zoeken naar iets wat er op lijkt, nou neem maar een zak met geld mee. Dan is het een veel beter idee om het zelf te maken. En als je goed nadenkt over wat je nodig hebt, blijkt het best te doen te zijn. Jij hebt het mooi aangepakt met de kandelaar en een schaal die je er op lijmt. Super mooi gedaan en wat zul je hier een plezier van hebben.
    En nog wat lekkers erbij gemaakt ook.
    Fijne Paasdagen Anita,

  4. absolutely gorgeous images Anita xo