Friday, 3 June 2016

Sister's day ....

Since our parents are no longer with us, my sisters and I go for a day out together on a regular bases. Realising how precious family is and therefore appreciating each others company even more.
Last Friday we decided to spend our day at the Tea garden Eemnes and this was the very welcoming entrance ....  

And listening to this ones loudly welcome set it all off ....

This lovely corner with the beautifully filled cupboard was just asking for our presence .... 

Completed with this delicious High Tea ....

Like having High Tea in a secluded forest ....

With lovely displays everywhere ....

Knowing my mum would have loved this, it was a comforting thought maybe she was still with us because this one was around us all day ....

Enjoying her own delicatessen ....

And just about our last round at this wonderful place I found this beauty right at the end of the garden ....

We spend the whole day in these beautiful surroundings and chatted through the day with only one interruption, visiting the nice shop also on the premises.

And now it's back to the order of the day and slowly getting ready for our annual escape to my beloved England.
In two weeks time we'll be on our way and I just can't wait to be reunited with my second homeland.

Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend!



  1. Hello Anita, how are you?

    I came to your blog through your page at 'at mine'.

    What a beautiful place you were with your sister, I love spring-summer, a time when we can visit so many interesting, pretty & different places.
    You know, I am a Brazilian living in the USA, and what I miss the most is living so far away from my family. We were 7 sisters (we lost one in 2014), and I wish I could have them closer to me so we could do what you and your sister just did. Enjoy a day together in a nice place.

    ps.: love your pictures, and have a very nice vacation in England.

    1. Hi Regina, thanks for visiting my blog. I will have a look at your blog too and already start following you on Instagram,you have such a beautiful feed!
      And yes, family is very important, especially when getting older is my experience. It must be very hard to be so far apart from yours!
      We're having a sunny day after a lot of rain the last few days, hope the sun's out with you too! Anita xx

  2. So very lovely dear Anita, and there is nothing better than spending precious time with our family... so excited for you to visit England again and look forward to seeing all of your beautiful photos, much love, xoxo Julie Marie

    1. Thanks Julie Marie, I'm also excited for our visit to England ... can't wait to return! Anita xx