Sunday, 17 March 2013

Looking back on the past year...

As it is my birthday today this is a good time to look back over the past year. Why would you think...well I turned 50 last year, so in many ways a memorable birthday! Previous at "the event" I warned my family that a big party wasn't my kind of treat. A few years ago I already decided, if possible, I wanted to make a dream come true when I turned 50.... a trip to England with my loved ones.

Talland Bay, Cornwall

When I was a young girl I went with my parents for a holiday to South England. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the country and the kindness of its inhabitants. I just wanted to share this with my family taking into account that things might have changed after so many years.
Just the opposite was true, it felt just like 35 years ago, just amazing!
It was wonderful.... the nature, the people, the lovely shops.... I felt at home, it gave me such an inspiration.
It was a great experience and quite as together with my husband and our children.
Think it is no exaggeration if I call myself a real Anglophile by now....

Once I was home I had a strong need to stay connected with the country. I would almost say, thank god there's facebook ;-)
So I "follow" a lot of English pages and made some "friends" and so I became acquainted with some blogs.
It has therefore led me many of my hobbies that I through the crowds of family and work had neglected have picked-up.
The "journey" on Facebook has even inspired to start my own page.......... The Reed Warbler...... it gives me so much pleasure and I enjoy all the response I receive.
I love to read the web-blogs of Carole Poirot and Jane Day and they inspired me to take the next (for me big) step..... start my own blog! Mind you.... as a beginner. Because these ladies are real pros and I have to write a whole lot of blogs before I ever can match their .
I find it scary but fun at the same time.

All this means that I can say becoming 50 has brought me an inspiring year but also feels like a new beginning where I am grateful for.

What a trip to England can do.....

Before I end my first "blog" I would like to share some pictures from our trip and hopefully we'll meet again soon...

Anita xo

Beachy Head, East Sussex


New College, Oxford

Northleach, Cotswold Hills
Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Moretonhampstead, Devon 

Dartmoor National Park, Devon

Fingle Bridge, Dartmoor National Park, Devon


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere and Happy Birthday! It's lovely to see you here and I look forward to seeing more posts. Yes, it takes time and a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun and the connections with other bloggers are great. Thanks so much for the huge compliment, I'm always extremely flattered when somebody considers my blog an inspiration :-) Have a lovely evening xo

    1. Hi Carole, thanks for your lovely comment and I'm honored to have you as my first follower xo