Sunday, 24 March 2013

The smalllest things take up the most room in your heart..

It's been a week since my birthday.... and it was a week where much has happened , good things.... and sad things.

A lot of preparations because our first son will be soon moving out. A big step for him but also for his mum (and dad of course)
This Friday he gets the key of his own flat, how exciting is that!
And sadly a friendship for over 25 years has come to an end as it shows now.... don't ask me why but sometimes life can be very complicated. For some people this is the only way to get out of a difficult situation. I truly hope that time will mend and at some point we can continue where we left... 
I had some doubts to share this in my blog, but as I decided to share my thoughts and whats on my mind with you, it felt right to include it. 

This all makes me even more convinced that we've got to enjoy the little things in life.
That brings me back to my birthday and the presents I received. It's always nice to get a present but even more so when people take the time to get you something with a (personal) thought . 

A few of the gifts I received

My husband isn't a very regular buyer of flowers but at
days like these he certainly knows how to surprise me.
 This time with a beautiful bunch of white Parrot tulips

Another family tradition is a birthday card from my
loved ones with mostly very funny anecdotes regarding
the past year and sweet wishes for the year to come 

From my eldest son David this lovely notebook
as a little help to capture my thoughts for my blog

And from a dear friend this box filled with "happiness"

This quote says it all....

Wishing you lots of little things.......

Anita xo

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