Saturday, 15 June 2013

Brighton .... a city with a positive vibe ....

Morning all,

Having a little less energy after a busy week with my mum still in the hospital ,
work and all of the other tasks on the menu of everyday life it feels good to go back
to our wonderful trip to Sussex for a while.

And now I'm talking about energy.... this was the feeling I felt walking through Brighton , a lot of positive energy.
Not immediately, because we parked the car as we thought initially not in a very good district.
So my husband wasn't that pleased at all thinking about his "precious" car , me a bit grumpy because I felt we had left too late for this visit . My own fault because, as I wanted to do as much as possible in a short time, we also had a very nice walk in the morning that lasted longer than we thought.
But our mood was getting better the more we reached the centre of Brighton which turned out not to be so far at all!

First we walked towards the famous pier.... and have taken pictures I think everyone makes during a visit to Brighton ;-)

The Clock Tower on Brighton pier ....

Then we walked back into town towards the (exotic) Royal Pavilion where we heard a steel band playing from a distance.

When we walked into the gardens of the Royal Pavilion we spotted a lively bunch of people gathering on the grass, enjoying the nice weather, a casual picnic and.... the music.
It's that I had stowed my camera that I was too late to capture the moment but try to imagine....
This cheerful company that went out there seats and were dancing and jumping around to the music of Baggy trousers original from the (eighties) band Madness now played by this steel band, it was such a nice atmosphere....

Continue our walk towards The Lanes we saw several artists, many musicians but also these acrobats....

So glad I was able to make some pictures with the large number of enthusiastic people that stood out for me....

There was something going on at every corner of the street , like this cute dog on his skate board ....

And on our way back to the car we've crossed a street with a lot of nice vintage shops and there we saw this  beautiful graffiti on a wall....
the idol of my husband in his youth and it still is I think ;-)

So what first looked like not such a very successful visit, the positive energy of the city made it just impossible not to enjoy this town.
It's clear that a few hours is much to short to visit this city with his heritage from the Regency time, lovely shops and vibrant art & culture .... so we'll be back!

And every time I hear this.... I'm back in Brighton .

Enjoy your weekend,
Anita xo

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