Friday, 28 June 2013

Finding the balance between neutrals and colours....

Morning all,

I don't know how it's with you but the lack of summer makes me want to surround myself with summer like colours even more .
I've been trying to add some colour in my (mostly filled with natural and neutral elements) home for some time now. But being afraid to "spoil" the serene atmosphere what makes me feel so at home every time I enter the house made me a little reluctant.
And then, unexpectedly, something comes your way....

I already mentioned that one of our three sons recently lives (totally happy) on his own now and that results in some "internal relocation's".
The youngest son will soon move to the attic his brother left behind (which means I finally get my own working space ! ) and therefore we've made a trip to Ikea with the main goal to buy a new bed .

And perhaps this sounds familiar to you .... but often when I'm not really looking I run into the best things !
While we walked around, my eye fell on this beautiful embroidered cushion with all the colours I was just looking for!
I also found this lovely vase who fit in perfectly in what I had in mind.
My kitchen consists of cream with black accents (even the tea towel) and also could use some colour. So this would bring in a little more of that (love the stitches on it)
This plate bowl blends nicely with my creme plates.
And as a nice bonus from the bargain section and almost for nothing this beautiful dish which all but candles will come on I think ;-)

All this.... and at the time at their best and not to resist ..... peonies. And yes, for someone who almost always buys white flowers, now I'm going all the way.... so they are pink !

And here is the result of my (cautious) attempt....

My weekend will be dedicated to making the completion of the attic for our son Gabriël and maybe make a small beginning with my own space and hopefully all accompanied by plenty of sunshine !

Enjoy yours,
Anita xo

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