Thursday, 25 July 2013

My own (work) space ....

Not only I've enjoyed the lovely weather what unknown long continues but I also had some fun activities indoors (with not to mention the great help of my dear husband)
What at first was only a dream has come true .... my own (work) space!
I'm so happy that I really have to share it with you.

So come on in ....

As you can see the room is painted vanille and the white lampshade ÅRSTID didn't quite fit in.
Fortunately Earl Grey can be used for many purposes .... because letting it soak in a bucket of tea did wonders!

And finally one of my treasures from my trip this Spring to Sussex got a very nice place . I bought this beautiful old stained glass window from the lovely Jill from Rosiebud Decorative Vintage and I'm so pleased with the atmosphere it gives to the window. 

I had already seen this swivel chair LILLHÖJDEN earlier but just recently realised that it would make a perfect match with my baskets in the cabinet ....

Not only the stained glass window reminds me of my wonderful trip to Sussex, but also the enlarged photo (taken during our walk in Fairlight) under the transparent desk pad PRÖJS  does ....

The vase SOCKEHÄRT  also appears to be a great place for my brushes ....

Because I really hope, now I have my own space, to find the time to paint . In any case, the dish SKURAR that I had bought earlier received at least a nice destination ....

What I'm certainly will do more is sewing now I don't have to put away my sewing machine, what a luxury ....

And yes it's called work space for various reasons .... because this also remains  ;-)

It's a good thing I bought this antique stain (writing/magnetic) board LUNS  , not only to collect beautiful cards but also to help me remind important things I should easily forget .... busy creating and dreaming away in ....

Happy weekend,
Anita xo


  1. Hallo Anita,

    This is indeed a very cosy work space and looks so peaceful too. Perfect place to sew and paint.. I used to paint watercolor as a hobby. Now seeing your paintbrushes and the cosy room makes me feel like to paint again (if I can still find all my painting stuff back >_<)

    Jinnie (cerulean blue)

  2. What a delightful and calm work space, I am most jealous! My workspace continues to be the kitchen table for now, one day I will get that extra room to hide away in.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Jane x

  3. It is a lot easier to paint when you have your own space. I love my studio. I had to wait 20 yrs for it! For a room to open up when one of my children moved out. Then he moved back in after a year but I did not give up my studio! He had to sleep on the sofa in the sitting room. Until he moved out again! Enjoy your space.