Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Easy living ....

I guess you all know the song and that blissful feeling ....

I've been doing a lot of easy lately .... but not only because of the wonderful weather we've had the last few days.
Also by a back who occasionally let me down and out of nowhere a persistent eye infection. 
So for a while it was no daytime job, less household, no blogging or long reading (just a glimpse on facebook now and then) for me.
I was "forced" to step out of everyday (and sometimes hectic) life and had therefore plenty of time to enjoy all the beauty around me .... and with so much summer especially outside in the garden ....

The first flower bud of the lily in the pond ....

The Syringa full in bloom fulfils the terrace with a heavenly scent ....

And of course healthy, summer like but above all .... easy food!
All time favourite in our home is this tuna salad .... with the following required ingredients :

- 2 cans tuna in (sunflower) oil
- circa 25 mini plum tomatoes
- 2 (braeburn) sweet and firm apples
- 1 small red onion into fine rings

Mix the tuna including the oil with the rest of the ingredients and finished the salad .... how easy is that!

Tastes great with arugula salad and multigrain bread .... and maybe a glass of wine ;-)

The easy life has done me right and today I will return to my daytime job and at the same time try to keep in mind that taking things slow for once in awhile can do no harm ....

Enjoy the summer,
Anita xo


  1. Hello Anita, sorry to hear you have been unwell. I am glad you have been able to take it easy though in your beautiful garden. Wishing you a speedy recovery, with much love, Linda xx

  2. Thanks Linda, I'm much better now after "my break"!
    Have a really nice weekend with (from what I've heard also in Ireland) a lot of summerlike weather! Anita xo