Friday, 9 August 2013

A bientôt ....

Tonight we leave for a one week stay in the South of France. For the first time in years not to the Provence but the Lot and Garonne region.
I've been there twice already when I visited a dear friend who live near Toulouse, a city so beautiful that I really want to show to "my boys"!
Further it's a completely new area to me and I can't wait to explore it!
Every year I think it will be the last family holiday but the boys are coming along, all three of them!
So I'm the happiest mom ever :-)

While I'm packing and listening to this ....

I can see myself driving through the French countryside and drinking my morning coffee on a genuine french patio ....

Have a good weekend and hope to meet you soon by a new post with many pictures of that beautiful French scenery ....

A bientôt,
Anita xo

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