Friday, 23 August 2013

Summer holiday ....

Being home for some days now after a very nice holiday in the South of France.
After some doubts in the beginning whether it was wise to travel with my mother still in hospital, I'm glad we had decided to go anyway.
Nothing is better than just leave everything behind temporarily and to be able to relax and make some decisions and plans for the future on the way.
Because getting away from it all have made me see certain things in a much wider perspective and showed me how to act on it "facing the music" once home again ....

Not only I've done some "serious thinking" and set myself some challenging goals but also found the time to read all the magazines that had piled up in recent weeks. Even started reading a book , feeling quite relaxed and at home after creating my own little corner including a small bouquet from the garden 

The house we had rented was in a beautiful setting with a very spacious garden full of flowers, butterflies, bees , squirrels and a lovely view out of the fields ....

And (for me very precious) had many family meals in it ....

We even had a pet, Sophie the cat ....

The lady who owns the house had done a great job decorating it with her finds on the many flea markets (more about that in another post) in this beautiful part of France ....

There were all kinds of beautiful towns in the neighbourhood and every car ride over there brought beautiful pictures ....

Really everywhere you looked there were these gorgeous sunflowers ....

Again it was so much fun to spend 24/7 time with my family. Although the two youngest boys didn't always appreciate "all that culture" we've visited beautiful places which I like to tell more about in one of my next post.
Until then and have a lovely weekend!

Anita xo


  1. Beautiful France! Being away from it all in a tranquil setting is good for ones well being, it looks fabulous Anita. France is hopefully our holiday destination next year as I've missed it so.

    Jane x

  2. Hello Anita! Thank you so much for becoming my latest follower of Thriftwood, you're very welcome, and I'd like to return the compliment by following you. I'm just going to make myself a pot of tea, some toast with strawberry jam, and sit and browse through your pretty posts ... a lovely way to pass the time!

    Thanks again,

    Claire xx

    1. Hi Claire, I "found" your blog via Instagram and really loved reading it!So nice of you to return the like and of course also a warm welcome to you! Anita xx


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