Friday, 29 November 2013

Reminiscing ....

Browsing on Pinterest I came across a picture of a village which is said to be one of the most beautiful in France,  Saint-Cirq-Lapopie

At the same time my thoughts went out to our last holiday this summer and our visit to this lovely village.
Not without some melancholy because after many years thinking during every holiday it would be the last one in the company of our boys, I really think this has been the last one. At least for the next few years anyway....
Even though I will miss them terribly it's a good thing.... their lives moves on.

Perhaps it's that time of the year, how do they call it.... autumn blues? But at this moment I can yearn for the time they were three little men, all cosy in their pyjamas on the couch watching their favourite program on the television before bedtime.
I know it seems a bit odd to share this holiday pictures with you while next week I'm going to buy my Christmas tree. On the other hand, it makes me wonder how this enchanting village will look at Christmas time. Maybe the last picture may somewhat reflects the possible atmosphere.

Sometimes I use my blog as a diary, which gives me the opportunity to go back in time and capture it.
Hope you will join me on my little trip down memory lane....

This picture shows very well how small the village is ....

And it's smallest house ....

The village is perched on a cliff overlooking a meander of the Lot and is a masterpiece
of medieval architecture ....

Surveyed by the fortified church with at it's foot The Rignault museum 

The half-timbered houses with their sloping brown-tiled roofs are a
harmonious sight lining the picturesque alleyways ....

Enclosed by houses, the little cemetery ....

We ended the day in the lovely restaurant La Tonnelle
and dined under the grape vines ....

And enjoyed the local specialities ....

Not so little anymore, my pride and joy ....

A last view before we left for our holiday home ....

Love the warm glow of this picture .... maybe a tiny bit Christmassy ;-)

This weekend I'm going with my sisters on a two days trip and will also visit a Christmas market. So maybe some "real" Christmas in my next post.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anita xo


  1. Anita this is a beautiful post. Your sons are so handsome and i love how you love them. I understand how you feel in missing the days when they were in pajamas but at the same time thankful for who they are as young men now. I miss mine being little but love them growing up too. It is a morhers heart to feel this way. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Thanks Kerrie,
    You're so right, grateful and privileged that's how I feel. Proves once again a mothers heart is universal. Anita xo

  3. Hello Anita, what a beautiful, melancholy post.The Dordogne is such a beautiful area of France. It's strange but I have never thought what it would be like at Christmas, but looking at your photographs, I can just imagine it now, and it is rather lovely to imagine, so thank you for that.
    Your boys are so handsome, and will always be your babies, even when they have their own babies. Have a wonderful time with your sister.
    Thank you so much for all your encouragement on my blog and on facebook, you are so very sweet. Much love to you, Linda x

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for your lovely comment.I had a lovely time with my sisters.We had such fun sleeping together in one room again after so many years,that we decided to do this again next year! Anita xo

  4. A beautiful post and I honestly feel for you during this time. I am dreading all this when mine get older as you have spent years living a life for them and especially at Christmas. Your boys are so handsome and no wonder they are your pride and joy. I do love the village you stayed in and how lovely to reminisce over these time in life, it is what keeps us going and keeps us strong. I will make an extra effort to enjoy the time with my kids whilst they are wearing their pjs and watching their fave film. Take care xoxo

    1. Hi Hannapat, I cherish the memories about the time they were younger but also enjoy them so much at this age. Love to see how they make their own decisions and find their way in life. But it's true that you've to enjoy every minute because before you know they are grown! Anita xo

  5. beautiful post Anita. have a wonderful time away with your sisters ♥

    1. Thank you Deb, I had a lovely time with my sisters.
      You really inspired me with your last post and I love Mr.& Mrs.Fox !
      Anita xo

  6. What an amazing little village! It reminds me of the movie Chocolat with Juliette BInoche! xoxo Jen