Monday, 23 December 2013

A year filled with (most of all sweet) memories ....

As I write this I just finished making my Christmas cards. A relaxing pastime that can easily let your thoughts wander to the past year.

On the personal level , there were some changes and events.

Unfortunately a long friendship came to an end. Feeling sad about it but also there's the awareness that this is somehow part of life. But nevertheless something you not easily leave behind.

The lives of our sons was subject to some changes.
Our eldest son got unemployed but happily found himself a new (temporary) job. The youngest stopped (feeling very unhappy) university but eventually started (in good spirits) a new study.
And our middle son moved out .... all in all an emotional time for this mum.
Highlights were surely our family holiday to the South of France and the stay I had with my husband in West-Sussex last Spring.

But also a lot of care concerning my mother who spend a long time in hospital and now (though very fragile) fortunately a while at home.
It gives you food for thought, enjoy life and make your wishes come true.

A big wish of mine came true, because this year I started this blog. What I found scary at first gives me so much pleasure, also due to the heartwarming reactions that surprise me every time.

Considering all I look back on a good and loving year, so count my blessings.

Have this year so many shared with you I would also like to convey my best wishes to you in respect of the new year through my Christmas card this year.
This led up to ....

A large container with moss, cotton rag paper , bookbinding glue, little pearls (beads) and small bells ....

By drying the moss first, I could easily cut small wreaths ....

Then glue the wreaths on the (of the cotton paper torn to size) cards and finished with beads and the little bells ....

Thank you so much for joining me this past year and I do hope we will meet again next year.
But most of all, I want to wish you a warm and loving Christmas and a wonderful and healthy 2014!

Anita xo


  1. Your cards are beautiful. I know I will cry a bucket of tears when my youngest moves out! As happy as I am to see them mature into beautiful young adults, I miss their sweet little faces surrounding me daily. Merry Christmas I will see you in the New Year! Cheers

  2. Thanks Kerrie , would love "to meet " each other again in the New Year!
    Have a wonderful time with your family, Anita xo

  3. You've certainly had a lot going on lately. I do hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year.

    1. Ah....thanks! Wishing you and your family also a lovely Christmas and all the best for the upcoming year! Anita xo

  4. I'm so forty to here that you've had to go through so much this year. You are in my thoughts and I hope your Christmas with your family gives you hope for better days ahead. It's been a pleasure visiting your blog and I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas xxxx

    1. Dear Hannapat, I think that each family has his ups and downs but that's part of life.I feel so very blessed spending Christmas with my loved ones and have everyone gathered around the table, because that's what counts.Thanks for your kind words and wish you also a wonderful Christmas with your family! Anita xo

  5. Hearing about others difficulties in their life is such a treasure to me because 1. I know I am not alone and 2. I learn so much from others. Anita, your blog is truly just beautiful and so very inspirational to me. xoxo Jen PS The wreath card is so darling!

    1. Ah... thanks for your lovely comment. I also think it's a consolation knowing I'm not the only one with sorrows. But then again thinking about the people around me with more difficulties makes them small again. Thanks for joining me and I will surely pay a visit on your blog. Happy New Year, Anita xo

  6. such a beautiful card!
    Happy New Year Anita xo

  7. I followed your link over from Jen's.

    Your wreaths are precious.

    I'm sorry about your mother.

    You have a beautiful blog, and I will visit again.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment and paying a visit to my blog, Anita xo