Friday, 18 April 2014

A long friendship gathered around a spring table ....

About a week ago three dear friends came to dinner.
More than thirty-three years ago our friendship began as colleagues. Even though we have, for a long time now, all other jobs we always stayed in touch.

Over the years we shared so much together while we lead different lives. Some of us got married, two started a family, one is still happy single and one friend moved abroad, returned and will leave again this summer for a permanent stay with her husband in France. But these changes will not affect our friendship, the past years already taught us.

Just like our friendship we're very consistent in meeting each other. We meet four times a year at someones home and last week it was my turn to entertain.
Not only I really like to put a menu together but also styling the table is just as enjoyable.

Most of the times I'm inspired by my everyday surroundings as this time by .... the great spring weather we have and nature awakens, resulting in lots of flowering plants.
And believe it or not this cute napkin that I really had to buy the other day .... all signs for a Spring table.


Because I had bought a small (spring) gift (flower seeds) for everyone I made name cards which I also used as wrapping. To make them I used cotton rag paper , raffia and bits of the napkin ....

Here how it looked on the table ....

The nests I bought years ago at a garden centre now came in handy to create a real
springlike table setting ....

It was also a nice opportunity to try a new recipe and this croissant pastry with scrambled eggs and salmon as entree fitted well with the spring theme ....  

If you want to give it a try you need the following ingredients:
( for 4 people )

  100  gr smoked salmon
    25  gr of butter
     4  slices French pastry
     4  eggs
     4  tablespoons creme or demi creme fraiche
     1  tablespoon fresh chopped dill
     salt and pepper 

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Grease the cups with butter. Cover them with a thin layer of pastry.
Whisk the eggs with the cream, salt and pepper. Add the salmon (into small pieces) and dill to the egg mixture and pour on the pastry. About 15 minutes in the oven while occasionally stirring.

If you're going to try the recipe , enjoy your meal!

Have a lovely weekend .... happy Easter. 

Anita xo


  1. What a lovely tradition with friends! I love your new towel. The rabbit seems to come out of the towel! Everything is lovely. Happy Easter. xoxo

    1. Hope you'll have a lovely Easter too! Anita xx

  2. This is a lovely post Anita. I made 3 good friends at work 6 years ago, we don't see each other much but when you do get together it is as though no time has passed at all. I really like the table decorations you made, such a lovely idea.

    Love Laura xxx

    1. Thanks Laura, I hope you have a lovely Easter with your loved ones! Anita xo

  3. How wonderful to keep these friends through all of the years. I have a very close friend who moved thousands of miles away, but it's still wonderful to see her, even though it's only once a year. Your starter looks delicious, and how very lovely to give them all some spring seeds. You're a great hostess I think!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment CJ.And as you say... true friendship survives any distance! Anita xx