Friday, 25 April 2014

Cute with a capital 'C' ....

Last week on my weekly way to physio I came across this breeding coot. Not entirely unexpected because I noticed the (at that time) empty nest earlier.
Wonderful to see how he or she (information over here learnt that male and female ~very emancipated~ hatch the eggs together) sat imperturbable on the beautiful built nest ....

So this past Tuesday not only a towel (for physio) but also my photo camera went with me to my weekly appointment, and as you can see on the next photo not for nothing ....

At first it looked like three little ones safe with "mum" or "dad" on the nest ....

One of them , at some stage had enough of it and went for a swim ....

While observing this lovely bunch my imagination maybe ran a little out of hand .
But doesn't it looks like on the next photo as if  "dad" ~a bit worried~ says to his youngster
not to go too far away...

And on this one it seems like "mum" says that they've played outside long enough and it's high time to return to the safe nest ....

Not long afterwards "mum" became very restless on the nest. I have no idea how long it takes before they hatch all the eggs but all of a sudden "dad" hurried back as if she said, I'll be damned .... there are more!

Even though I followed the spectacle from a safe distance it seemed better to give the young family some privacy. But not without wondering on my way home what I'll find next week.

Have a lovely weekend,
Anita xo


  1. Lovely pictures, Anita, thanks for sharing them with us!

    Thank you for your kind words ... they mean a lot to me xxx

  2. Ahhh how wonderful that you were there while they were hatching! But what is physio? Is that a workout? Exercise? Come enter my Rose painting Giveaway. xxo

    1. Hi Kerrie,

      You made me smile by your question about physio ! Not very exiting I'm afraid but you can say it's sort of an exercise... for my back ;-) I've got chronic back pain and a manual therapist gives me a weekly treatment. I try to go by bike as much as possible , I think this post shows why! I just visited your blog and of course enter your lovely giveaway, Anita xx

  3. Hoi Anita,

    Leuk om je hier ook tegen te komen :-)! Dank je wel voor het gezellige berichtje op mijn blog! Wat je allemaal niet tegenkomt onderweg. Mooi zo'n nestje waterkippen.

    Succes bij de fysio. Ik hoop dat je snel van je klachten af bent.

    Fijn weekend!

    Madelief x

    Fijne zondag!

    Madelief x

    1. Dank je wel Madelief en wat leuk dat je nu ook een van mijn volgers bent geworden! Jij ook een fijne (en droge) zondag! Anita xx

  4. sweet! I love little birdies! Thanks for sharing! xo Jen

  5. Thanks Jen for visiting my blog and yes aren't they adorable! I hope you and your family/parents are okay and also enjoy Spring, Anita xo