Friday, 2 May 2014

My annual escape ....

I love this season of promise, and the following pictures shows why ... 

Blossom at the corner of my street

The snowball in my rear garden in its full glory

Clematis in the front yard

Strawberries on the way

My favourite visitor in the garden

Who really likes to take a bath in the pond

Which often means a queue for the other visitors

How much I enjoy it here, there's one thing that really requires a trip abroad. This picture from last year tells you why ....

Bluebell wood  ~  Fairlight, Sussex , England

Three years ago I renewed my love for this beautiful country and  since then it feels like a second home , my beloved England.

So I will return again this year, to be exactly today .... my annual escape to the (English)
country, looking for bluebells in the Cotswolds!

Happy Friday .... happy weekend.
Anita xo


  1. such a beauty filled post Anita!
    Wishing you a safe journey ~ I understand your love of England ~ my place of birth ♥

  2. You won't have to look long for them as they're pretty much everywhere in the South East at the moment. Enjoy!

  3. Oh how gorgeous everything is! Enjoy your trip! I wish I lived in beautiful! xoxo Jen

  4. How wonderful to get in a visit once a year! I know you are having a womderful time!