Sunday, 11 October 2015

Autumn musings ....

Although writing this post on a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning, Autumn is definitely upon us.
Not only through the change of colour in the garden but also by the greater presence of all living creatures.
For example this silent ones .... 

And those who make a little more noise ....

But what really made my heart beat faster, the return of this one ....

And obviously the opportunity to have this on the menu surely has something to do with it ....

This little chiffchaff, so very quick and therefore almost impossible to photograph, is the most frequent visitor of all ....

Last Friday my husband and I went for a lovely lunch and a walk in the woods afterwards.
The road to it was already so worth while as I love this typical dutch view ....

At our lunch location we were surrounded by sheep of which this one came to greet us personally ....

While the rest of them, so it seems, was very busy with a 'group hug' ....

After our lunch we went to the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug where we took a stroll under magnificent weather conditions ....

And we were impressed by the variety of size and colour of all mushrooms ....

But slightly disappointed though, because the one I wanted to photograph for such a while now we did not see, the fairytale Agaric . 
But still there was so much to enjoy in a wood where we were almost alone, with only the sound of silence .... 

I think you can imagine how happy and surprised I was about our discovery when we were already on our way to the car.
Just one, but so very beautiful in all its enchanting glory ....

Just can't beat those days, especially when it ends with this wonderful sunset as nature's finishing touch ....

Have a lovely Autumn, happy new week!



  1. How beautiful your fly agaric is - I too am always on the look out for them, we had one year when there were many but now hard to find. I have read somewhere that they like growing near beach trees and also that they will spore/return in the same spot for many years (they are of course poisonous, so we do have to be careful of breathing/touching). Betty

    1. Thanks, so very happy I've finally spot one! And yes they're sadly only beautiful to look at.
      Have a good week, Anita xx

  2. Great pics!
    Lovely birds and sheeps.
    Be Carefull with amanita muscaria (mushroom)! It is allucinogenic.

    1. Hi Annalisa,

      Thanks for your lovely comment. I made a brief visit at your blog and noticed we've got our love for England in common.
      And thanks for the warning!
      Anita xx

  3. The most beautiful autumn post I have seen. Thank you for sharing the simple beauty of an Autumn day in your surroundings with us. I am trying to embrace it but it really feels unusual this year with Summer-like temps but leaves are falling from trees. Everything here looks dried up and dead. It is to be 97 today. That is just too hot to be October. We did go for a bike ride this weekend and bought more grey pillows, candles and a sheep skin at IKEA. I baked a peach cobbler. But we still sleep with windows wide open as if it were still Summer.

    1. I can imagine how unreal that must be, in the middle of Autumn with this temparature. Over here it's already so very cold in the morning!
      Hope the temperature will be more bearable very soon at your side and you can embrace Autumn! Anita xx

  4. Olá querida, passei por aqui para agradecer sua doce presença
    no meu cantinho.Obrigada !!!
    Abraços, Marie.

  5. Feito com prazer, e obrigado pela sua visita de retorno! Anita xx

  6. Hoi Anita,
    Ja, nu heb ik jou ook gelijk gevonden natuurlijk. En als ik jouw stukje lees over jezelf, dan zie ik zoveel raakvlakken; Engeland, vooral het Engelse landleven, breien, naaien, bakken en natuurlijk fotografie. En dan lees ik ook nog dat je enorm fan bent van Downton Abbey. O ja, jij was het die dat prachtige boek had 'A Year in the life of Downton Abbey'. Ik heb dat boek inmiddels ook al een tijdje in huis en ik geniet er heel veel van. Ik denk soms wel eens dat ik jaren te laat geboren ben haha...
    Ik ga je volgen hoor.
    Fijne dag,

    1. Hoi Mirjam, we hebben inderdaad veel gemeen. En over dat "te laat zijn geboren" dat heb ik nu ook, haha!
      Wat leuk om elkaar nu ook hier te volgen, Anita xx