Sunday, 4 October 2015

My wonderful September ....

Can't believe it's October already, maybe because September was such a busy month. Ever since we came back from our holiday in France, we went from one activity to the other.
Mainly pleasant ones, so I'm not complaining!

One of them was a wedding. The invitation already was a feast for the eye and an indication of what to expect on the wedding day.
Love how the bride-to-be also shared it on her beautiful Instagram account blondhout , especially the way she has displayed her love for flowers so beautifully ....

And then there was the dress code, 'tenue de ville' in pastel shades.
Something that kept us busy, even on our holiday. One of our sons even bought a suit in Nimes and finding myself "desperately" in search for something to complete a purchase I did earlier to wear on the wedding.
When I read pastel shades it was the ultimate reason to buy the skirt I was drooling over for months. The gorgeous Pink Polka Dot Francesca which to my great excitement was included by their sale on the Cabbages & Roses website.
Already in love with the, now so fashionable brogues, I was so very pleased finding a matching pare by these white brogues from H&M ....

I was really hoping to find anything suitable to wear on the skirt during our holiday, but instead I fell in love with the beautiful fall fashion at Zara in Nimes. This happens to me every year at the end of the summer and I just can't wait to put on a warm sweater and boots, longing for Autumn again.

So instead of what I was looking for, I bought this blue sweater together with this skirt and my favourite at the moment, these blue flat shoes which now also appears to combine very well with my skirt. Even when the trees drop their leaves by now ....

Back home the "problem" was easily solved by another look at the always inciting Cabbages & Roses website and the buy of this Pink Polka Dot Clara Top .
So after all the men were foresee with a pastel shirt, we were more than ready to attend the wedding we looked forward to for weeks.

It was such a magical day in a most wonderful setting where flowers had the leading role, besides of course the beautiful couple ....

And as I already mentioned, gorgeous flowers in almost every detail .... 

But also in my garden flowers were still very present, because this was where I came home to after our holiday.Three simple Cafe au Lait flower bulbs has given me so much pleasure and they still do as I'm picking them still ....

Isn't this a stunning peace of art ....

Everything I've sown (my first time ever) this year has done so very well, also  -so it seemed- my unstoppable sweet peas ....

But September was also about having dinner with friends and not only putting food but also flowers on the table ....

And other kind of beautiful garden details like this dragonfly between my laundry ....

I've really missed this one, clearly in search for food and feeling a bit guilty I wasn't really prepared for this yet ....

Another highlight certainly was celebrating my 30th wedding Anniversary with this lovely man, it sure is true that time flies when you're having fun ....

There were lovely gifts including this -I think very unique one- beautiful hand drawn card in a gorgeous frame made by a dear friend who knows me so very well ....

Thirty years ago we gave a great party but nowadays I prefer to keep things small and to celebrate this milestone in the company of our family.
So we had a lovely meal at Loetje aan 't IJ with this heavenly view, all in all the perfect surroundings to me ....

September has been really good to me .... I want to wish you just the same for this month, have a wonderful October!



  1. congratulations on your anniversary, it is a beautiful picture of you together. Also congratulations to the bride and groom, what a beautiful couple. Your polka dot skirt and white shoes are delightful. Betty

    1. Aww .... thank you and yes isn't it a lovely couple. Anita x

  2. What a lovely post ... full of happiness, gentle colour, the beauty of flowers and hope ...

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, flowers always make me happy! Anita x

  3. Mooie post vol hoogtepunten inderdaad!
    Ik vind het bruidspaar een plaatje maar ook je gedekte tafel...en de libelle mag er ook zijn.
    Heerlijke nazomerfoto's!

    Lieve groet, MJ

    ps dankjewel voor je lieve reactie op mijn post ;-)

    1. Hoi Marie-Jose,
      Niet te danken, want ik lees je blog graag al is het vinden van tijd soms weleens lastig.
      Maar ik ga mijn leven beteren! ;-)
      Een hele fijne week, Anita xx

  4. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, you've got yourself a new follower!
      Anita xx

  5. This is great! Many congratulations to the couple. My parents also have their 30th anniversary next month. I am making plans to throw a surprise party for both. So lately I have been making a list of suitable party venues in NYC which I can book for them.