Monday, 24 December 2018

Goodbye 2018 ... hello 2019!

It's a cliche I know, but another year has almost flown by.
One of the privileges of having an Instagram account is that it isn't hard to look back.
This is a collage of my Best Nine of 2018 on my Instagram 

Although it's nice when so many people like your photos, 
they not always represent that precious personal memories, 
or those little moments to treasure. 
So I picked my personal favourites of each month.


One of my good intentions for this past year was to get more out and about and enjoying nature.
Sadly I haven't made so many walks as I intend to, but I started well in January.


But luckily there was enough to enjoy in my garden, 
like this still life when we had a dust of Snow in February.

And of course my favourite bird.


In this month we had a little trip to the province Zeeland where we 
also visited the lovely town Domburg and its wonderful beach. 


A month of which I'd rather forget the first weeks.
Our middle son came back very ill from Guatemala which ultimately 
required hospital admission.
I took this photo when he made his first walk outdoors (feeling a bit better already) 
visiting the Cherry Blossom not far from our village.


The month of our annual escape to the English country, where we spent the first week
 in the beautiful Shropshire Hills
A real gem was this spot .... Lyth Hill 

The second week we celebrated (with almost all our loved ones) my
 husband's 60th Birthday in West Sussex.
It was so lovely to show them the places that feels like a second
 home to me, wonderful memories were made.


Was a month where ideas for the future started to take on more serious forms.
Now all our boys have flown the nest, the house feels a bit empty.
The next photo shows our annexe where we hope to receive our guests,
 somewhere in the second half of 2019  
A new business will arise next to the Webshop, our holiday let ... 'Stay at the Reed Warbler'! 


This year I finally got round to saw my own cutting flowers.
I felt so inspired by Emma Connolly and still picking flowers now, 
can you believe it in December!
This is one of the lovely bunches I picked at the end of July.


In August we went for a family holiday to the Provence and 
I had the most wonderful time with this lot.


Still picking flowers ....


And yes, these were also still from my garden, I'm planning to sow more varieties next year.


The month we celebrated our second anniversary of the Reed Warbler Shop 
 and so very grateful for the support for our small business.
We celebrated it with a giveaway of our best-selling brand Hogben Pottery 


It has been a good year and I consider myself very privileged with a lovely family
 and running a small business that I love.
This year's Christmas card was again a bit of a project,
which got a bit out of hand in terms of time 🙈
But in the end I delivered the last ones just in time at our neighbours yesterday evening
and now the only thing that's left is to share my good wishes with you ....

So from me to you ...

Wishing you sparkle,
wishing you cheer.
For a bright merry Christmas
and happy New Year!


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  1. A lovely post and all in all not a bad year to look back on. Looking forward to following you next year. Best wishes for a healthy and wonderful 2019!