Friday, 16 August 2019

The Peak District second time around ....

Due to my reduced vision (which takes almost six months now😔) 
I still didn't wrote a blog post about our annual escape to the English country. 
Because computer work isn't really possible at the moment I write this post on my phone
 (which is not the most easiest way🙈) so it will be a short one. 
But I just had to document this lovely trip before we leave for our next holiday.

Again we had our first stop in the wonderful city Cambridge where Spring was at its best!

For the first ever time we booked the same location for the second time and it didn't disappoint, 
because it really felt like coming home at The Wee House on the Hill ....
You can read more about our first stay and see indoors photos of the cottage here

Gorgeous Bluebells at Lea Wood

We had a lovely walk at Dovedale

Our daily walk into the little town Wirksworth

Serious Wisteria envy 💜

At the cottage a view that never bores ....

And also the same breathtaking view on the little enclosed terrace next to the cottage. 

Not only the cottage gave us a wonderful week
 but also provided me to take some photos of the new Hogben stock
 we picked up during our stay which you can find on our website.

In two weeks time we will leave for the Provence
 to have some family quality time.

Hopefully an eye operation will be on the cards when we return.
Who knows, maybe next time I will be able to write a proper blog post again.

Until then!



  1. I am so sorry to read that you still have vision problems. Fingers crossed that an operation will bring improvement. The pictures of your stay in the UK are beautiful, I love the UK , one day I hope to see more of it (the husband is not so keen...). Have a great time with your family in the Provence.

    1. Thanks Phyllis, I also hope the operation will improve my sight. My husband also wasn't that keen about the UK at first, but having good weather most of the time sure helped ;-) Xx