Friday, 26 April 2013

Mood board aka Mother board....

Good morning all,

The first notes for this blog I've written at "a stolen hour" sitting in my garden. Only for a short while though because we're in the final stage of smarten up the flat of our son , so a very good reason!
Tomorrow he will be moving out and instead our still to do list reduces it seems to expand... (though my son sometimes thinks otherwise)... so still much to do!
Writing this blog is for me not only sharing pictures, experiences and thoughts but also sharing emotions and there's a lot going around for me in that department at the moment...

I've still got mixed feelings about the first son who is moving out, but I think every mother would recognise that feeling. Above all I'm very happy he has got himself such a nice place and just around the corner as it is in the same village!
What also helps is that he involves me a lot about when decorating his first home, indeed he's such a dear and clever boy ;-)

His girlfriend asked him a little while ago if he already had a mood board and his answer made this mother extremely happy.... I don't need a mood board because I've already got a mother board!

So we went shopping.... together at the shops and his mum also @Pinterest

A small collection of ideas... for example to decorate the living room, entrance
 and balcony. Gradually I found out he most loves lots of
(dark) wood, beige and brown tones ( just like his mum!). 

Buying the flat was quite a financial issue so the interior had to be done at a low budget. Fortunately Ikea turned out to be the shop where all his needs and wishes could be bought within the budget. And we came home with this basics.....

a. SÖDERHAMN footstool-Replösa beige  b. SÖDERHAMN 3-seater-Replösa beige
  c. BORGFINN table legg  d. ARV crockery plates  e. JÄRA lampshade
f. STOCKHOLM-side table  g. VIKA FURUSKOG table leaf

And the following colour scheme....

Times are really changing and the little boy has grown into a adult man. As long as he knows
that whenever he needs advice or anything else his mum and dad will always be there for him...
And what that mood board concerns, look what his girlfriend got him...

I think it will be in good hands.... ;-)

Guess I'll be having a very busy (and maybe a bit emotional) but contented weekend, enjoy yours!

Anita xo


  1. What a lovely post! I think your son's answer is absolutely fantastic and I hope that one day when my son moves out he'll look to me for a bit of advice like this... :-) Have a lovely weekend xo

  2. Thanks Carole, and I'm sure he will.... having a mum like you ! xo

  3. I can only imagine the mixed emotions you're going through Anita, pride, excitement and a littel bit of sorrow...
    Still, it's a new beginning and a new, beautiful palette to 'paint' your lives in. I love the decor you've chosen together. It's got a lovely balance of masculin and feminin. How wonderful that your son has so much trust in you to involve you in creating his living space. Bravo to his girlfriend too for not feeling sidetracked or overlooked when he chose you as his advisor. Its a good indication of a sound relationship.
    Have a fun and creative weekend

  4. It certainly is the start of a new beginning for both of us Joasia. But I'm glad to say that everything went well. Except for some little things we're done and he has settled himself nicely. Mission accomplished ;-) xo

  5. Hello Anita - what a week in the Netherlands! New King and a new flat fit for a king! Enjoy your weekend, lucky chap to have a Motherboard! Brilliant,
    Sarah -x-